Associate Membership

If you reg­is­ter (at no cost) to be an asso­ciate mem­ber of the Cam­bridge Cen­tre for Evi­dence-Based Polic­ing, you will be able to down­load or view free writ­ten reports and videos, and access links to a wide range of oth­er rel­e­vant learn­ing mate­ri­als.

You will also receive peri­od­ic updates on new research results, pub­li­ca­tions and cours­es offered by the Cam­bridge Cen­tre. Asso­ciate mem­ber­ship entails no cer­ti­fi­ca­tion and no oblig­a­tion; it is sim­ply a means of con­nect­ing you to our knowl­edge net­work regard­less of your abil­i­ty to pay or sta­tus in the polic­ing pro­fes­sion.
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