Premium Membership

The Cen­tre has only been in oper­a­tion since May of 2014, and is still devel­op­ing some of its key fea­tures. One of them will be the oppor­tu­ni­ty to become a full mem­ber of the Cam­bridge Cen­tre, based on pay­ment of an annu­al fee, which pur­chas­es high-val­ue mem­ber­ship ser­vices.

The con­tent of those ser­vices and the price struc­ture of full mem­ber­ship are still under con­struc­tion. Our cur­rent goal is to launch this fea­ture at some point in 2015. If you enrol as an Asso­ciate Mem­ber with a work­ing email address, we will send you an announce­ment of the Full Mem­ber­ship option as soon as it is avail­able.

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