The Cambridge Centre provides practical training in EBP at all levels of expertise, both online and in person. We are currently training police in-person under long-term contracts with police agencies in Trinidad & Tobago, in Uruguay (in collaboration with the Crime Control Research Corporation), in the UK and in several other countries.

All courses of the Cambridge Centre can provide certification of accomplishments in learning, based on rigorous examinations. These certificates can help police professionals win promotions and senior appointments, or help aspiring police officers to enter the police profession. Most important, they recognize the kind of knowledge that can help to improve public safety by making better choices in policing.

Our online courses are still in development, but will soon provide a completely self-driven learning experience at low cost to interested students anywhere in the world, in both English and Spanish. These courses will culminate in a personal examination, available in over 50 countries around the world, featuring verification of the test-taker’s identity by inspection of passports. For a sample video training on hot spots policing, click here.