The Cam­bridge Cen­tre pro­vides prac­ti­cal train­ing in EBP at all lev­els of exper­tise, both online and in per­son. We are cur­rent­ly train­ing police in-per­son under long-term con­tracts with police agen­cies in Trinidad & Toba­go, in Uruguay (in col­lab­o­ra­tion with the Crime Con­trol Research Cor­po­ra­tion), in the UK and in sev­er­al oth­er coun­tries.

All cours­es of the Cam­bridge Cen­tre can pro­vide cer­ti­fi­ca­tion of accom­plish­ments in learn­ing, based on rig­or­ous exam­i­na­tions. These cer­tifi­cates can help police pro­fes­sion­als win pro­mo­tions and senior appoint­ments, or help aspir­ing police offi­cers to enter the police pro­fes­sion. Most impor­tant, they rec­og­nize the kind of knowl­edge that can help to improve pub­lic safe­ty by mak­ing bet­ter choic­es in polic­ing.

Our online cours­es are still in devel­op­ment, but will soon pro­vide a com­plete­ly self-dri­ven learn­ing expe­ri­ence at low cost to inter­est­ed stu­dents any­where in the world, in both Eng­lish and Span­ish. These cours­es will cul­mi­nate in a per­son­al exam­i­na­tion, avail­able in over 50 coun­tries around the world, fea­tur­ing ver­i­fi­ca­tion of the test-taker’s iden­ti­ty by inspec­tion of pass­ports. For a sam­ple video train­ing on hot spots polic­ing, click here.