Training in Person

The Cambridge Centre for Evidence-Based Policing offers training by senior police educators who are internationally renowned. We are happy to provide custom-tailored training designed to meet the needs of police or governments operating under a rule of law, or those where such a course may help to develop an effective rule of law. Our collective experience includes courses or lectures that one or more of us have taught at police academies or conferences with police in over twenty countries, including

Abu Dhabi, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Central Bureau of Investigation (India), Chile , China, Colombia, England & Wales, FBI (USA), Germany, Indian National Police Academy, Israel, Mexico, Netherlands, Scotland, Sharjah, Sweden, Taiwan, Trinidad & Tobago, United States of America , Uruguay, Vietnam

Our courses, taught in person to anywhere from 5 to 500 people at a time, in English or by translation, cover a wide range of topics that we analyze with the best research evidence available. These topics include

  • Prevention: murder, rape, robbery, gun violence, burglary, domestic violence, terrorism, corruption, auto theft, fraud, riots, gang crimes, police use of excessive and deadly force.
  • Legitimacy: procedural justice, ethnic conflict, minority group relations, complaints against police
  • Detection: DNA banks, Solvability factors, Body-Worn Video Cameras
  • Crime Analysis: Targeting (identifying high-risk places, offenders, victims, times, days, situations), Testing (impact assessments and cost-effectiveness analysis) and Tracking (use of systematic data analysis to assess delivery of police services, such as GPS data on where police patrol for how long on each shift, and how police service delivery relates to crime and harm).

To inquire about a training course taught in-person, either at Cambridge or abroad, please fill in the information required below: